Viral Video: Daring grandmother did such a stunt, the senses of the people were blown away, said – you are very courageous

Dadi Amma’s stunt surprised people

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Old Woman Stunt Video: Whoever saw Superdadi jumping off the bridge at Harki Paidi Ghat, was stunned. Now people are praising this grandmother’s courage and saluting her spirit. This 70-year-old old Amma hails from Jind, Haryana.

A 70-year-old ‘superdadi’ is astonishing on social media these days. stunt (Stunt Video) is wreaking havoc. People are finding it difficult to believe their eyes after seeing this video of Old Amma jumping off a bridge in the Ganges River. This video that went viral is of Harki Paidi Ghat in Haridwar. However, there has been a stir in the local administration after this video surfaced. The SSP has set up an inquiry in the matter. In the clip that has gone viral, a grandmother can be seen swimming comfortably across the river after jumping into the Ganges.

In the video going viral, you can see how a grandmother Amma jumps into the Ganges river without fear from a bridge built at Harki Pauri Ghat in Haridwar. It is being told that this old Amma of Haryana was taking a dip at Harki Paidi Ghat. Then he saw some youths jumping from the bridge into the river Ganges. Then what was there. Grandma also liked it. In his wish, the family members also supported him. In the video you can see that grandmother is standing on the bridge and a young man is telling her where to jump. After this, without delay, she jumps into the fast current of the Ganges. The funny thing is that after jumping, she can easily cross the Ganges.

Watch Dadi’s stunt video here

This video of just 24 seconds is making a splash on different platforms of social media. People are liking it so much that they are sharing it fiercely. Even at this stage of age, Dadi has done such a feat, seeing that even the best stuntmen can get sweaty.

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Let us tell you that whoever saw this elderly woman jumping from the bridge into the Ganges at Harki Paidi Ghat, was stunned. Now people are praising this grandmother’s courage and saluting her spirit. This 70-year-old Amma hails from Jind, Haryana. However, after the video surfaced, the local administration has appealed to the people not to try such stunts at all, as it can prove to be dangerous for them.

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