Viral Video: Brother cried bitterly while hugging the bride at the time of farewell, the groom started dancing to a different tune, watch video

You must have hardly seen that at the time of farewell, the bride is hugging the family members and the groom is dancing. These days people are not able to stop laughing after seeing one such video.

People’s laughter can’t stop watching this video

Image Credit source: Instagram

bride’s farewell At the time, tears flow from the eyes of the family members. Because it is such a time, when the daughter leaves Babylon’s house and maternal uncle and becomes Lakshmi of someone else’s house. This moment is very emotional for any brother and sister. Some brothers weep so bitterly in farewell that even the onlookers cry. At present, a video has surfaced in which the brother is seen crying while clinging to the sister’s farewell. Groom Dancing to a different tune. now this Video Seeing this, the laughter of people is not stopping.

You must have hardly seen that at the time of farewell, the bride is hugging the family members and the groom’s king is dancing. But these days such a video is going viral, seeing which the public is not only surprised but is unable to control their laughter after seeing the groom’s actions. In the viral clip, you can see that at the time of the bride’s farewell, her brother is unable to restrain his emotions and clings to the sister and starts crying. During this, the bride also tries to silence her brother by embracing him. A song is also playing in the background of the video. But the interesting thing is that forgetting the gloomy atmosphere, Dulha Babu was seen trembling by focusing on the song.

watch video here

It is obvious that on an occasion like farewell, no groom does such an act. After seeing this strange act of the groom in the viral video, the public is unable to stop laughing.

This video has been shared on Instagram by a user named naseeb.rajput.0786. This video, uploaded on May 23, has been liked by more than 1 lakh people so far. At the same time, many people have registered their reactions on the video. One user has written, what a joke going on. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, yes it is necessary to cry even while dancing. Another user has written while commenting, Brother is crying, but sister is engaged in dance.

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