Viral Video: Bear removed all the arrogance of the tiger, see how the dreaded hunter ran to save his life

In the video, the tiger can be seen pecking at the bear to hunt it down. But the very next moment the bear makes such a bet that the tiger’s air becomes tight and he is forced to run away on the opposite foot.

Fearing the bear, the tiger ran away by pressing its tail.

Image Credit source: Instagram

No matter how strong you are, but sometimes you may have to face defeat. This applies not only to humans, but also to animals. Now just watch this video of tiger and bear. In the matter of hunting, the tiger which is more fearful than the king of the jungle, the lion, has a Bear He took out all the iron and kept it. viral in the video Tiger He can be seen leaning on the bear to hunt it down. But the next moment the bear makes such a bet that the tiger’s air becomes tight and he immediately escapes from the narrow alley to save his life.

In the video, a bear is going somewhere in a dense forest in its tune. At the same time, a few steps away from him, a tiger is sitting ready to pounce on him. In the video you can see how the tiger is moving towards the bear in a trance. But the tiger has no idea that the next moment his bet is going to be heavy on him. As soon as the tiger attacks the bear, the bear also reacts with the same speed and moves its paw on the tiger. On seeing the fierce form of the bear, the tiger’s air becomes tight and he immediately starts running from there. This view is really astonishing. Because, the tiger does not weaken in front of anyone like this.

Watch the video of a tiger running away by pressing its tail here

This shocking video of the tiger has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the account of cuteanimallifee. This video is creating panic on the internet. Since its upload, more than 1 lakh 27 thousand people have liked it so far. While many people have given their feedback.

One user has written while commenting, Bears can be so dangerous, it came to know after watching this video. At the same time, another user has written, Tiger saved his life. Another user has also expressed surprise after seeing this video of tiger.

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