Viral Video: A small child was seen playing like this with King Cobra, people screamed after watching the video

This video is only 30 seconds, but seeing this, anyone’s heart should panic. In the video, a small child is having fun with the king cobra as if it is his toy.

Video of child playing with cobra goes viral

Image Credit source: Twitter

King Cobra Not only the world’s most poisonous snake Rather, in terms of length, it is much larger than other snakes. At present, a video related to King Cobra and child has surfaced on social media, seeing which people are getting goosebumps. Actually, Video I have a child less than two years old having fun with a king cobra as if it were his toy. The snake looks very big and dangerous in the video. This Video Really shocking.

This video going viral is only 30 seconds, but seeing this, anyone’s heart should panic. In the viral clip, you can see that a small child is playing in the courtyard of the house. At the same time, a cobra snake is sitting right in front of it spreading its hood. On seeing the creature, people run far away, there this child is playing with it as if it is a soft toy. You can see how dangerous the cobra looks. But the surprising thing is that the cobra is not causing any harm to the child. Now after watching this video people are talking different things. Before that let’s see this shocking video.

Here’s a video of a child playing with a cobra

This very shocking video related to cobra and child has been shared on Twitter with the handle @awituchuz. The user had shared this video in response to another post, seeing which the heartbeat of Twitter users has increased. After watching this video, some people say that the snake’s venom has been removed by breaking its teeth. On which some people say that even though the snake will not be able to do anything, it is absolutely wrong to leave children with such creatures at this young age. People are also telling a lot of lies to the parents of the child.

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