Viral Tweet: The future brother-in-law tweeted- Jiju said if the car is not found, I will break the marriage, the public said – change it Jiju

Twitter user wrote – If Jiju does not get the car for dowry, then he will break the marriage.

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On Twitter, a boy has expressed his displeasure over the car not being delivered on time for his sister’s wedding. The boy says that his brother-in-law (Jiju) is very angry and has threatened to break the marriage. Now Twitter users are giving their feedback fiercely on this.

It is difficult to tell anything about when what started trending on social media. The word Jiju is trending on Twitter now. More than a thousand people have tweeted on this topic. At first I did not understand where it came from all of a sudden. Then on searching, it was found that a future brother-in-law had taken to Twitter (Viral Tweet) But something has been written, which has become a topic of discussion. Actually, the fellow has written that he had bought a car for his sister’s wedding.dowry) was booked. The dealer had promised that it would be delivered by April 12. But not found even after two months. According to him, his future brother-in-law did not get the car. wedding ,Marriage) threatened to break. This tweet has now gone viral, on which people are advising the boy in their own way. People say that before anything happens to the sister, change Jiju only.

On the morning of April 28, a user tweeted by the handle @TamrajKillWish on Twitter, ‘I booked a Tata Nexon on February 25 at Rana Motors in Lakhimpur (UP). The dealer had assured that the car would be delivered on April 12. But it has been more than two months till now the car has not been delivered. At the same time, the dealer has no idea about when the delivery will be done. My sister’s marriage is at stake. My future brother-in-law is very angry. He has threatened to break the marriage. Along with this, Tata Motors has also been tagged.

Jiju said – then I will break the marriage

Seeing this tweet has gone viral. More than a hundred people have retweeted it, while dozens have given their feedback. Someone has written opposing the dowry system, ‘If the marriage is annulled without a car, then save your sister’s life.’ At the same time, someone says that if brother-in-law is threatening to end the marriage, then change it. Similarly, another user has appealed to the Tata company not to deliver the car. The user has written, ‘Taking dowry is a crime.’ A female user has also asked while asking, ‘Really do you want such a jiju for your sister.’

People gave such reaction on dowry greedy Jiju

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