Viral: The helicopter pilot helped the sweeper, watching the video, people said – Awesome

In the video, whatever the pilot of a helicopter does for a sweeper standing on a road in the middle of the fields, you will also say – So cute. This video is winning hearts of people.

This video is winning the hearts of users

If you are active on social media, then you will get to see more than one funny video on different platforms here. Some of these videos are emotional, so after watching some videos, you will be heartened to watch them again and again. Many videos win the hearts of people. At present, in the world of social media, there is only one such video goes viral very fast ,Viral Video) is happening, which has touched the hearts of the users. Actually, a helicopter in the video (helicopterSeeing what the pilot of ) does for the sweeper standing on a road in the middle of the fields, you will also say – So cute. So let’s know what is this in this video, which has won the hearts of the people of social media.

Have you ever done something that brought happiness to someone’s face and left them completely stunned after that? These days, something similar has been seen in the video which is going viral on social media. This video was shot from a helicopter. In the video you can see that the helicopter is going somewhere through a farm area. Then the pilot’s eyes fall on a sweeper on the road below, who is trying to sweep the unaccounted garbage spread on the road with a broom. After this whatever the pilot of the helicopter does, it will bring a smile on your face too. So let’s watch this video.

The helicopter’s pilot helped the sweeper like this

In the video you can see that the pilot takes the help of the sweeper and flies around the road in such a way that all the garbage automatically reaches the sweeper. After this the sweeper also thanks the pilot for helping him with folded hands. Now you will feel that the pilot wasted a lot of fuel for this small task, then let us tell you that this kind of work gives you a different pleasure.

This very cute video has been shared on Instagram. The admin wrote in the caption, ‘Now you will have a lovely smile on your face.’ This video shared a day ago is creating panic on social media. More than 2 lakh 41 thousand people have liked this video. This number continues unabated. After watching the video, some have called Awesom and some have said so cute. However, some people have also questioned the real role of the helicopter. People say that the pilot wasted fuel.

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