Viral: The dog was shown diligently helping the owner, watching the video, people said – ‘I want such a helper dog too’

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Image Credit source: Twitter

These days a video of a dog is going viral on the internet. In which he is seen helping his boss. Whom everyone is surprised to see. This video has been shared on Twitter on a page named @TheFigen.

Animals are cute. If you are in a bad mood, then the actions of these cute animals amuse your mind. Many funny videos of animals go viral on social media. Seeing them, your worst mood gets cured and a smile also comes on your lips. Especially if the video is related to doggie, then what is the matter because dogs are the best friends of humans along with being loyal and understanding. social media But there are a lot of such videos. But the video that has surfaced these days is a little different because here a dog is seen working as a laborer.

In the video going viral, you can see that a dog with a normal height is seen working with the person. He is helping the person by supporting the cart like a helper. Doggy is supporting the sack from the front so that the cart does not start running forward. Although there is currently no information about where this video is, but people are liking this style of dog a lot.

Watch Doggy’s video here

This video has been shared on Twitter on a page named @TheFigen. With which he wrote the caption that What a sweet helper! Till the time of writing this video, this video has got more than 6.5 lakh views. At the same time, more than 10 thousand people have liked this video. Along with this, people are giving their feedback by commenting on this video.

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People liked this video of Doggy’s hard work. Many people commented on this. Commenting on a user wrote, I also want such a helper dog. On the other hand, another user wrote that instead of this help, it should get an extra treat. Apart from this, many other users expressed their reaction on this through comments.

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