Viral: Seagull did a unique stunt in the air to get a free ride, people made funny comments after watching the video

bird stunts in the air

Image Credit source: Twitter

Many times you must have seen birds tweeting on trees and flying high in the sky but rarely seen flying while riding on each other. One such video has surfaced these days. You will be stunned to see that.

Often you must have seen humans asking for lift on the way, but have you ever seen birds asking for lift. If not, then these days a similar video of the bird is going viral. Like the film scene in the video, a bird is seen riding on another bird and enjoying the sky ride comfortably. see them Video After watching, many people feel that they are doing stunts in the air, while many people have even told them to Flying Titanic. Users who have seen this viral video are watching and sharing it a lot. This beautiful video was captured by a man in his camera.

Many times you must have seen birds tweeting on trees and flying high in the sky but rarely seen flying while riding on each other. Actually, in this video you can see that a bird which is flying in the sky and another bird is seen riding on its back. This is the specialty of this video that people are liking this video very much and sharing it fiercely.

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This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @buitengebieden. A similar video was shared on the Twitter page of the same which is becoming increasingly viral. In the video, a Seagull is seen riding on the back of another Seagull and enjoying a free ride in the air. So the users also had a lot of fun seeing the other flying on one bird. After watching the video, some people also gave different reasons behind it. Some said flying practice and for some it was a way to create balance in the air. The video has got 4.5 lakh views.

Famous Twitter account @buitengebieden has shared it for funny videos related to animals and birds. Till the time of writing this video, more than 4.5 lakh people have seen this video, while thousands of likes and retweets have been received. After watching this video, people are giving their own reaction on it.

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Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘When you do not want to walk, then you can also ask your friend to carry in this way.’ While sharing the other captioned Amazing Movement. One user also said that it is said to get your work done by others.

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