Viral: Crow clashed with dog in open field, see in video how a bird forced the animal to leave the field!

A dog is a sensible creature who does not mess with anyone, but if someone messes with them, then he does not even leave them, but what we see in the video going viral, then the whole game of Sara has turned upside down.

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Image Credit source: Instagram

social media (Social MediaBut every day some or the other video keeps making headlines. Many times it is surprising to see these videos, while at the same time it is fun to see them. Especially the videos of animal fights which are covered as soon as they come on the internet. A similar video has surfaced these days as well. Which you are also going to enjoy seeing. You have done many fights with animals. Videos But have you ever seen a crow fight with a dog? The answer will be no, because why would a small bird crow make the mistake of messing with the dog, but a similar video has surfaced these days.

As we all know that a dog is a sensible creature who does not mess with anyone, but if someone messes with them, then he does not even leave them, but what we are seeing in the viral video is there. The game itself turned upside down because here the crow reached to fight with a dog without any means and provoked him to fight so much that the dog also got upset.

Watch this video of dog and crow fight

In the video you can see that the dog is roaming freely in the park when the crow has also reached there and started pecking him. Doggy is also angry with this attack of the crow and starts fighting with him, but the crow is so clever and cunning that he survives his every attack. In the end, Doggy tries to get out of there by giving up but in the end the crow attacks his tail and then he is seen saving his tail.

There is no information about when and where the video is from. The funny video has also been uploaded on Instagram on a page named wonderdixe. People are increasingly liking this video on social media. This is the reason why many users also registered their reaction on the video. One user said that this sight is really funny, I enjoyed seeing this fight. At the same time, another user wrote that Doggy wanted to compete with him but he was helpless in front of the crow’s agility. Apart from this, many other users praised this video in different ways.

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