Viral: After watching this video, you will forget the cat-mouse enmity! Everyone is surprised to see the bonding

A surprising video of a dog and a cat has surfaced on social media these days. In which you will be surprised to see the bonding of these two.

Shocking video of dog and cat

Image Credit source: Instagram

mouse-cat (cat and rat videoPeople have been watching for years and years. Many times you saw the cat running to catch the mouse, and many times the cat was getting upset in the rat race. Seeing their fight, you must have always seen the Tom and Jerry cartoon. In that cartoon, there is a tussle between Jerry and Tom all the time. Sometimes Tom overshadowed Jerry, and sometimes Jerry overcame Tom. Sometimes both of them start doing such cute and funny acts that even children can not stop laughing after seeing them, but have you ever seen the friendship between these two, if not, then these days it is the same. Video has come to the fore. After seeing which you will not believe your eyes.

In this clip, the mouse is seen resting fearlessly on the cat’s lap. While the cat is also seen cuddling and caressing her. This video has been covered on social media. People are very fond of this strange bonding between a mouse and a cat. Usually such scenes are not seen anywhere, so the audience is very fond of this video.

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a cat and a mouse are seen sitting comfortably together. As soon as the clip starts, it seems that the cat will slowly hunt the mouse, but this does not happen, rather the mouse is resting in his lap restlessly. This clip is so great that after watching it people’s thinking has changed about cat and mouse.

This shocking video has been shared on the social media site Instagram by an account named ama_mo7. This video, shared just a few hours ago, has got thousands of likes and views. Cat lovers are also particularly fond of the video. One user wrote, ‘It seems that today the cat is not in the mood for hunting.’ However, many users believe that the cat behaves something similar with its prey.

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