Viral: A huge silver Shivling was found on the banks of river Saryu, seeing the picture, people said – ‘It seems the end of Kali Yuga has come’

Silver Shivling in the river

Image Credit source: Twitter

These days a huge Shivling has become a topic of discussion among people on social media. After seeing this, people are making different types of comments.

The month of Sawan has started and the worship of Lord Shiva has a different significance in this month. Devotees believe that special worship of Lord Shiva is done throughout this month, due to which he is pleased and blesses the devotees. In this holy month, devotees offer water, milk, datura, cannabis, belpatra etc. to the Shivling, but Lord Shiva has decided to give darshan to his devotees. In fact, a huge silver Shivling has been found in the sand under the Saryu river bridge in Mau district of UP. whose pictures when Internet But when people saw it, everyone was surprised.

The news of getting Shivling spread like fire in the town and this information was given to the police department. After which the police brought him to the police station. When people came to know about this, they started coming for its darshan and reached the Shivling police station and started worshiping in the police station itself.

See ‘Silver Shivling’ here

Talking to the media, the police of the area said that the investigation agency has been informed about this Shivling and after the completion of the investigation, it will be given back to the people. As soon as this news came to the fore, after the users, the users also started giving their feedback on it.

After seeing this picture, just Har Har Mahadev is writing on every social media. One user wrote, ‘Baba has given darshan to his devotees in Sawan.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘God is coming back to earth, it seems that the end of Kali Yuga is near.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is really Shivling, if you want, you can zoom and watch it..!

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