VIDEO: When the car parked at the petrol pump suddenly caught fire, then the girl showed amazing courage

People are praising the girl’s courage

Image Credit source: Instagram

This viral video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram. This video of just 29 seconds has got 2.4 million i.e. 24 lakh views so far.

It is forbidden to use flammable items at the petrol pump, you must have known this, but despite this some people do not pay attention to these things and in such cases accidents happen. However, sometimes such incidents happen on their own that people are surprised. It is seen many times that due to some reason suddenly fire breaks out in the vehicles while walking or parked on the road. If this happens at any petrol pump, then understand how dangerous it can be. One such thing on social media nowadays video viral ,Viral Video) is happening, in which a car parked at a petrol pump suddenly catches on fire, after which the driver of the vehicle and the people around start running away, but during this a girl working at the petrol pump did a wonderful job. Showed courage and extinguished the fire, that is commendable.

In the video you can see that some bikers are standing to take oil on petrol and a three wheeler is also standing there. Meanwhile, a sudden fire breaks out in the three wheeler, after which the driver jumps out of the car and runs away, as well as the bike riders who are nearby leave their bikes and stand away, but a woman employee present there. She does not run away from the fire, but starts thinking about extinguishing it. She quickly extinguishes the fire using a fire extinguisher located near the pump. Now people are not tired of praising the courage of the girl.

Watch Video:

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an ID named punjabi.shutout. This video of just 29 seconds has got 2.4 million i.e. 24 lakh views so far, while more than 1 lakh 31 thousand people have also liked the video. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. One user wrote about the girl, ‘she is trained to do this’, while another user wrote, ‘One should respect those who believe in themselves’.

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