Video: The young men started fighting among themselves while dancing the serpent, people said – what kind of dance is this brother..!

In weddings, in party-functions, you must have often seen people doing serpent dance, but have you seen people fighting among themselves during this dance. If not, then a similar video is going viral these days. Seeing which you will be laughing.

Fight happened during Naagin dance

In our weddings, many types of dances are performed by the baraatis. Some dance on Bhojpuri songs and some dance on Bollywood songs in such a way that the whole gathering of the procession is robbed alone, but above all there is one dance which has been ruling the marriages for centuries and that is the serpent dance! You get to see this dance almost in every marriage we have here, but have you seen anyone fighting because of this dance. If not, then these days something similar has happened on social media. Seeing which you too will not be able to stop your laughter.

In the video going viral, you can see that the serpent tune is seen playing with drums and drums. On which everyone is seen dancing in their own style, but the main attraction of the video is two young men dancing a serpent among the baraatis, who while dancing, did not know which tune of both of them. In between, the riot starts. The video ahead of this is so funny that you will not be able to stop your laughter. So let’s wait to see the video of what

In the beginning of the video, both the youths are dancing with pleasure in their own style on the serpent tune and then both of them start hitting each other. After which the inner lion comes out and they start attacking each other. This video, which started with laughter, suddenly turns into a fight. In such a situation, seeing both of them beating, the people present there start to intervene between the two.

watch this video

Users are also liking this funny video a lot. People are sharing this video on different platforms of social media with funny captions as well as giving different types of funny comments and reactions on this video. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Who does such a dance at the wedding, brother! On the other hand, another user wrote his reaction through a comment on the video, ‘Dang along with dance was seen for the first time.’ Although, where is this video from and who are these two people dancing in it, nothing is known about it. But people are not able to stop laughing after watching this video.

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