Video: The head will be baffled, this is the ‘James Bond’ of football

Russian football Norik had created a sensation with a similar goal in 2018 and now after 4 years he again scored such a shot for the first time in his senior career.

Norik Avdalyan shot without any disturbance as well as overturned and brought the ball into the goal.

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If there is a football match and there are no goals in it, then the match seems incomplete. Be it just one goal or rain, the fun comes only when a player’s shot or header drives the ball inside the goalpost. From the players to the thousands of fans sitting in the stadium and millions of other spectators watching on TV, there is no limit to the enthusiasm. Sometimes some surprising goals are also seen, which are difficult to believe. One such goal has been scored by a footballer from Russia, which, far from believing, can be blown away by seeing it.

Norrick’s upside-down goal

Russia’s 26-year-old footballer Norik Avdalyan has again come into the limelight due to his shocking penalty shot, due to which he made headlines 4 years ago. A video of Norrick being widely viewed and shared on Twitter on Wednesday 4 October, in which he fired the ball from the penalty spot into the goalpost. Now the question arises that what is so special about it?

So the matter is such that Norrick did something that is never seen in the football field as soon as he got the chance of penalty in a match. At least not while hitting a penalty. A Twitter account posted a video of it, according to which Norrick scored this goal in a MediaLeague match. Now it’s round.

Norrick, instead of running the usual way to take a penalty, slammed backwards with the shot, which shook everyone, while the goalkeeper was devastated.

4 years ago also did amazing

Despite eating this way, neither did he miss his target nor did he himself fall out of balance. This 26-year-old winger made everyone happy while scoring with a tremendous shot. The funny thing is that Norrick did this for the first time. Earlier in 2018, he had come into the limelight for the first time by scoring a similar goal. Norrick then scored in an under-21 match through such a overturned penalty.

football’s james bond

By the way, after scoring in this way, if someone calls him the James Bond of football, then it will not be surprising. The famous British spy character James Bond, shown in Hollywood films, also takes on the enemies by showing many such tricks in the action scene. Perhaps Norrick is also very much influenced by Bond and this is the reason why this famous detective’s code 007 has been made by Norrick as his jersey number.

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