Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Muzaffarabad on Independence Day of Pakistan (August 14th). He said in the Legislative Assembly of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) that if there is war between India and Pakistan, then the international community will be responsible for this war. With that, he said India could launch a bigger attack on PoK than Balakot. India is even planning to occupy PoK. He said Pakistan was on the side of the Kashmiris against India’s Narendra Modi government’s lifting of the clause of 370 from Kashmir.

After Imran Khan’s speech, the people of occupied Kashmir took to the streets. People struggling for PoK’s independence show up against the Pakistani PM. At that time the people of PoK chanted slogans to the Pakistani fascist go-back, and Imran Khan go back. Earlier, after lifting the clause from Jammu and Kashmir, the people of Gilgit-Baltistan appealed to Narendra Modi to think about them and stand by them.

Pakistan has started insanity since the Indian government lifted the clause from Jammu and Kashmir. They are conspiring against India one after the other, but all conspiracies are failing them. The United States, America, Russia and even Pakistan’s best friend China did not support Pakistan after the withdrawal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Even then, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has repeatedly been poisoning India against this Article. Even today, three Pakistani soldiers were planning to cross the border into India. But the valiant soldiers of the Indian army put an end to them.

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