Video: Pakistani journalist asked poor question on the clothes of women footballers, got ‘class’

The Pakistani women’s football team was participating in the SAFF Championship for the first time in 8 years and won a match for the first time, but the journalist was tensed about her clothes.

Journalist objected to Pakistani women footballers wearing shorts.

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The contribution and participation of women in different sports around the world is increasing continuously. In most sports, women have got the same status that men have. Football The same situation is slowly forming in India and women’s football is becoming the center of attraction for the adventure and sports lovers. Pakistani women’s football team For the first time after a few years, she is showing her ability by entering the football field, but a journalist from Pakistan is having trouble with her clothes instead of her performance.

First win in 8 years…

These days the SAFF Women’s Championship is going on in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, in which the Pakistani women’s football team is also participating. In this tournament, the Pakistani team recently registered a brilliant 7-0 win over Maldives. At the same time, before that he had lost to India and Bangladesh. Instead of discussing the team’s performance, a Pakistani journalist objected to Pakistani players wearing shorts during the tournament.

…but the tension of clothes

For the first time in nearly eight years, the Pakistani team won a match for the first time in this championship. Despite this, this journalist covering the tournament thought it better to question the clothes of the players. In the post-match press conference, the journalist asked the team manager and other officials, As you know that we belong to Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is an Islamic country, I want to ask why these girls are wearing shorts, why not leggings?

coach answered

Obviously this narrow-minded question took the team’s manager by surprise, but he preferred to answer calmly instead of adopting any aggressive tone and advised to be progressive. Team manager Adil Rizki said, “In sports everyone should be progressive. As far as the dress is concerned, we have never tried to stop anyone, it is something that we do not control.

class on twitter

After its video came on Twitter, a fierce debate started among Pakistani users. Most of these users told the journalist fiercely. At the same time, there were some users who supported this narrow thinking and justified this objection.

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