Video: Constable saved the life of a young man by playing on his life, people are saluting bravery

You must have heard that saying, ‘If the line of your life is long, then someone or the saver comes..! In recent times, a video related to this proverb has surfaced these days.

policeman saved his life

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It is said that when God has to protect someone, he takes the form of someone. Something similar was seen at Vitthalwadi railway station of Maharashtra (Vithalwadi Railway StationBut, where the young man’s life was saved due to the promptness of a policeman. Actually a young man had tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of the express train, but the railway police present there saved the young man by risking his life. this shocking incident Video It is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet, which you will also be stunned to see.

In the video you can see that a boy wearing a yellow shirt is standing on the platform very close to the rail track, he is looking around the bar, during this time an express train comes and he jumps in front of him. Meanwhile, a policeman catches his eye and jumps to the track and pushes the young man off the track before the train arrives. Due to which the life of the young man is saved.

watch this video

Seeing the video, it can be understood that the boy was determined to end his life, but the policeman saved his life without caring about his life. This video has been shared by news agency ANI on Twitter. Till the time of writing this video, this video has got more than 1.90 lakh views. After watching this clip, people are giving their own reaction.

After seeing this video on social media, people gave their feedback on it. One user wrote, ‘Really salute to the courage of this policeman.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘If your life line is long, then someone or the saver comes.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback on this.

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