VIDEO: Bats tested watermelon for the first time, then gave such a funny reaction, you will be left laughing after watching the video

Bats tested watermelon for the first time

Image Credit source: Twitter

In this video, Bat has done a watermelon test for the first time and then gave such a wonderful reaction that you will miss laughing just after seeing it.

Bat (Bat) So you must have seen or must have known about it. After all, how can this be forgotten in this corona period. This is the organism, due to which the corona virus is spreading worldwide.Coronavirus) spread and lakhs of people lost their lives in the last 2 years. Apart from this, there are some surprising things about bats, which you hardly know about. It is believed that a bat can hunt more than 500 bedbugs in an hour. Not only this, he can also eat 1500 small insects in an hour, but on social media nowadays, a bat eats watermelon. video very viral ,Viral Video) is happening, which has kept everyone by surprise. Rarely have you ever seen a bat eating such a thing before.

Actually, in this video, the bat has tested a watermelon for the first time and then gave such a wonderful reaction that you will be laughing just after seeing it. In the video you can see that a person is seen feeding watermelon to the bats and the bats are also eating it with great pleasure. He is not taking the name of giving up watermelon. Seeing him, it is known that he is eating watermelon for the first time. Just as the children of a human eat something for the first time, they give a very wonderful reaction, in the same way the bat has also reacted and after removing the watermelon from its mouth, its reaction is even more amazing. Wagging his tongue, he is seen demanding more watermelon.

Watch Video:

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the name @buitengebieden_ and the caption reads, ‘Bat testing watermelon for the first time’. This video of just 53 seconds has got more than 5 lakh 13 thousand views so far, while more than 21 thousand people have also liked the video and given various reactions.

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