VIDEO: Amazing technology 95 years ago, see how cars were parked

This video has been shared on Twitter and it has been told that this video is from the year 1927, when the problem of similar car parking in Paris was solved. This 38-second video has been viewed more than 1 million i.e. more than 10 lakh times so far.

Amazing technology 95 years ago

Image Credit source: Twitter

today’s world technology Depends on it. Technology is being used to do everything. Due to this technology, today the world has reached the moon and universe Trying to unravel the secrets of. Today, even though the world is using high class technology, it is not that technology was not used earlier. There were such techniques in the past, which may not be seen today, but they were brilliant. social media But nowadays associated with such technology video viral It is happening, after seeing which surely ‘Wow’ will come out of your mouth.

You are seeing that in today’s time the number of vehicles in the world has increased. It has made people’s life easier, but it also has many problems. Pollution is increased due to the smoke coming out of the vehicles, as well as due to the large number of vehicles, they also have to face difficulties in parking somewhere, but 95 years ago, such a wonderful technology was invented. ‘ It was done that people did not have any problem in parking the cars and getting them out of there.

See amazing car parking

In the video you can see that the front wheels of the car used to turn, so that there was no problem in removing the vehicles from the parking lot, even if there was another car parked adjacent to it. This technique was awesome. Although this is not seen today, whereas in today’s time only this technology is needed the most.

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This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the name Historic Vids and it has been told that it is a video of the year 1927, when a similar car parking problem was solved in Paris. This 38-second video has been viewed more than 1 million i.e. 1 million times so far, while thousands of people have also liked the video.

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