Viciously the person snatched the phone at the station, watching the video, people said – it was not expected

A video has surfaced, in which a person runs away from the station by snatching the phone from the hands of another person (Phone Snatched). Yes! This news is absolutely true and you can see its video in it.

man snatched phone at railway station

There is nothing to be seen in the world of social media. Here more than one video comes out, which is fast on the internet as soon as it comes. viral Happens too. Often all of you must have seen and heard the tales of theft. You must have often seen this when you are in a crowded place. Such as bus stand, market, shopping mall or railway station (Railway Station, These are all the places where incidents of theft are more visible. Now a video has surfaced in this episode, in which a person snatched the phone from the hand of another person at the station.Phone Snatched) runs away. Now its video is going viral on social media.

This video going viral is of railway station. It can be seen in this video that a person is standing at the door of the train and talking on the phone, while the train has also stopped at the station. There are many people roaming around around that person. Then after sometime when the train is about to start, the person stealing gets into the train and then after a few moments goes north. As soon as the train picks up speed, that person gets off the train and comes close to the person talking on the phone.

The person snatched the phone like this-

It can be seen further in the video that when that person comes to the person talking on the phone, he runs away by pulling the phone more quickly with both his hands and goes ahead by jumping the wall. Let us tell you that you must have seen many such incidents on social media. There are some users of ours who have also seen its live performance. Let us tell you that this video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram. You can watch all the videos on a page called haq_se_engineers.

The video has been viewed more than 60 thousand times so far. Together people have also shared their reaction on this. Talking about people’s comments on the video, a user commented and wrote – It was not expected at all. Another user wrote – Brother, this person has played. The third user wrote in the comment section – It is called taking advantage of the opportunity. People are also sharing laughing emoji in the comment section of the video.

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