Under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, there was a crushing defeat in the T20 World Cup, now Rohit Sharma said – bad cricket…

Before India has to play a five-match T20 series against West Indies, captain Rohit Sharma has given a big reaction to the defeat in the T20 World Cup 2021.

Rohit Sharma spoke big on the defeat in T20 World Cup

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Indian captain Rohit Sharma He believes that the aggressive attitude that Team India has adopted in T20 cricket will sometimes lead to failure. Along with this, Rohit Sharma also gave a big reaction to the crushing defeat in the last T20 World Cup. Rohit denied that Team India had landed in the T20 World Cup in UAE with an old thinking. Let us tell you that under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, Team India was eliminated from the first round itself. He also had to face a crushing defeat against Pakistan. After that Rohit Sharma took over the command of Team India.

Rohit Bole spoke big on the failure of the World Cup

Rohit said before the five-match T20I series against the West Indies, “We did not get good results in the last World Cup but that does not mean that we played bad cricket in all these years. At the same time, I do not agree that we were playing cricket in the old way. If we lose one or two matches in the World Cup, it does not mean that we did not take advantage of the opportunities.

Rohit Sharma said that if you look at the performance before the last World Cup, then India won 80 percent of the matches. Had the team played the old way, it would not have won so many matches. Rohit Sharma said that it is true that the team lost in the World Cup but it does not mean that the team did not play freely.

What did Rohit Sharma change in Team India?

Rohit Sharma said that under his captaincy, Team India is not playing differently, just the players have got a free hand to play their natural. Rohit said that he has told the team not to take unnecessary pressure. Rohit said that playing freely improves performance. Rohit also said that the fans should also be prepared for the failures of the team. Rohit said, ‘We are bound to fail occasionally in the kind of cricket we are playing, but it is not a problem because we are learning something and trying to do something different.’

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Rohit Sharma He further said, ‘There is little scope for mistakes in playing freely but it does not mean that our players are playing poorly. It means we are trying something new. With time everyone has to change and we are making changes and I think people sitting outside also need to change their thinking.

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