Ukraine Russia War: Video of the horrific scene after the attack, see how the fire rose like a mushroom

This explosion, which took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine, was so powerful that its echo could be heard 15 kilometers away. After the video surfaced, people say that it is a matter of great surprise that all this is happening in the 21st century.

Horrific scene after Russian attack in Kharkiv

Image Credit source: Twitter

Subversive war between Russia and Ukraine for the seventh day in a row (Ukraine Russia War) continues. The Russian army has also started attacking Kharkiv, the second largest city after Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Bombs are being hurled at residential areas as well. Meanwhile, on social media Kharkiv (KharkivA horrifying video of the Russian attack has come to the fore, which can make anyone’s heart panic. It is being told that Russia destroyed an airbase near Kharkiv. This blast is so powerful (Massive explosion) that its echo was heard by people up to 15 kilometers away. After this video surfaced, social media users say that it is a matter of great surprise that all this is happening in the 21st century.

This 14-second video clip is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter. This video was shot from a tall building. In the video clip, you can see that it is a dark night and the atmosphere is resonating with the sound of bombs. During this, a tremendous explosion occurs. The explosion was so strong that the whole sky lit up. You can see how a plume of fire rises like a mushroom after the attack. According to local media reports, people sitting 15 km away also felt the threat of this attack.

Watch the horrifying video of the Russian attack in Kharkiv here

This video has been shared with the Twitter handle named @itswpceo. This video, uploaded a few hours ago, has been viewed more than 24 thousand times. People are continuously retweeting this video.

After watching this video, many people have given their feedback. Some users say that Russia has used vacuum bombs, while some people are tagging these experts trying to know whether Russia has removed nuclear weapons. Apart from this, many users are fiercely cursing Russian President Vladimir Putin for attacking innocent people.

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