UIDAI Alert: Government’s U turn by order sharing Aadhaar photocopy, know the whole matter

An appeal has been made to use masked Aadhar card.

UIDAI, the issuing body of Aadhaar, has appealed to people not to use Aadhaar photocopy indiscriminately. Doing so may result in misuse of your Aadhaar. At present, the government has taken a U-turn on this order.

The central government has withdrawn the advisory issued on May 27 regarding the Aadhar card. It was said on behalf of the government that this advisory was issued by the Bangalore office of UIDAI. The government said that this advisory is being misinterpreted, hence it is being withdrawn. In fact, the Aadhaar issuing body UIDAI ,UIDAI) had warned people to refrain from sharing the photocopies of Aadhaar with any institution. According to the release issued by UIDAI, copy of Aadhaar with any institution (Aadhaar Card) Do not share. Doing so may result in misuse of your Aadhaar. People were appealed to use Masked Aadhaar.

Your Aadhaar number is hidden in the masked copy. In this only the last 4 digit is visible. Masked Aadhaar can be downloaded from the UIDAI website (https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/). After login to this website, select Do you want a masked Aadhaar option and Masked Aadhaar can be downloaded.

Avoid using Aadhaar on public computers

Regarding the security of Aadhar card, UIDAI said that people should avoid using public computers and private cyber cafes. Despite this, if you use a public computer, then make sure that no kind of data is saved in the computer. If any copy is downloaded during this whole process, then definitely delete it.

Share aadhar copy only with licensed institutions

According to UIDAI, user licenses have been issued to institutions. Institutions which have been issued a user license for Aadhaar card, only those institutions have been instructed to share the photocopy of Aadhaar. Un-licensed private entities such as hotels, malls are not allowed to collect and store the Aadhar card. This is considered an offense under the Aadhaar Act 2016. In such a situation, if any institution demands Aadhar copy, then first check whether it is licensed or not.

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What is Masked Aadhar Card?

According to UIDAI, the first 8 digits are hidden in the masked Aadhar card. Only the last 4 digits are visible in this. Masked Aadhar card gives the option to hide the number in the downloaded e-Aadhaar. With this, the security of your Aadhar card remains.

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