UAN is there or not, you can check your PF account balance in these 5 ways

PF balance check: You can check PF account balance in 5 easy ways (Indicative picture)

You can check PF balance by visiting EPFO ​​website. On the website, go to ‘Member Passbook’ which is available in the Employees section. Here login by entering UAN and password and view PF passbook.

Provident fund from your salary every month (PF) the money is deducted. His message arrives on your mobile. PF balance is also given in that message. Despite this we often PF balance ,PF Balance) check. Especially when the new financial year begins. By checking, they want to see how much money has been added to the PF account. Checking the balance also seems necessary because 12 percent is deducted from the salary, while the same amount has to be added to the company. In this way, every month 24% of the amount gets deposited in your PF. In such a situation, who would not want to check the balance.

When it comes to checking PF balance, people do this work in their own way. There are many procedures so that PF balance can be checked. But which method suits you, it matters more. If you are a PF then you should know about Universal Account Number or UAN. UAN is your account number which never changes, even if your company changes. That’s why UAN has to be kept safe, you can also remember it if you want. But can’t check PF balance if UAN is not there? It’s not like that. UAN or not, you can check PF balance in 5 easy ways.

1- EPFO ​​website

You can check PF balance by visiting EPFO ​​website. On the website, go to ‘Member Passbook’ which is available in the Employees section. Here login by entering UAN and password and view PF passbook. Here you will see your own money and the money deposited by the company separately. The opening and closing balance of PF will also be shown. Interest earned on PF will also be visible. If more than one PF account is linked to your UAN, then the balance of all the accounts will be shown.

2-View balance on Unified Portal

With the help of UAN and password, PF balance can be seen by login to the Unified Portal. After login, your PF passbook will open in which balance information will be available. Here you can see the PF amount deposited in different financial years.

3- Balance check by SMS

With the help of SMS service on mobile phone, PF balance can be checked. For this, you have to message by writing EPFOHO UAN ENG on the number 7738299899. This method is adopted when you do not know the UAN. Keep in mind that this message should be sent from your registered mobile number only. The number which is registered in the EPF account. After sending the message, PF balance information will be received on the mobile number.

4-Missed call balance check

Missed call service is also available for those who do not have UAN of PF account. You have to make a missed call on EPFO’s telephone number 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number. After two rings, the call will be disconnected automatically. The user will get a message in which information about PF balance will be given. This service is available for free. This service can be availed on both smartphones and feature phones. This service will be available only when your PF account is linked with bank account, Aadhaar and PAN.

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5- PF balance check with UMANG app

UMANG App is a government app on which benefits of many government services are available simultaneously. With the help of this app also PF balance check, PF claim status and KYC status can be easily known. By downloading this app on your mobile phone, you can take advantage of different features.

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