Two-wheeler market is sluggish, sales of two-wheelers will come down for the third consecutive financial year

Motorcycles, which account for two-thirds of two-wheeler sales, may see a decline of around eight to nine per cent in this fiscal.

This year the sales of two wheelers may decline by up to 10 percent.

in country two wheeler sales ,Two Whaler Sales) may decline by eight to ten percent in the current financial year. Decreased demand in rural areas, low sales during the festive season, high prices and consumers’ eyes electric vehicles ,Electric Vehicles) but two wheeler sales are expected to decline. Crisil Ratings said this on Thursday. The domestic rating agency said in a statement that due to the lower base effect, sales decline in the current financial year was already anticipated. In the year 2021, there was a decrease of 13 percent in the sales of two-wheelers and in 2020 by 18 percent. The agency said that this is the first time in more than a decade that the sales of two-wheelers have been declining for three consecutive financial years.

The sales of motorcycles, which account for two-thirds of the sales of two-wheelers, may see a decline of about eight to nine percent in this financial year. Anuj Sethi, senior director, Crisil Ratings, said, “The second and third wave of corona and delayed harvest have affected rural demand for two-wheelers in this financial year. Apart from this, increase in vehicle and fuel prices has also affected rural demand.

Sales will reach 2014 level

The fall in sales for the third consecutive year will push the volumes of two wheeler sales to reach 2014 levels. In such a situation, the sales of two wheelers will be able to come to the current level in the next 3-4 years. In 2019, 2.11 crore two-wheelers were sold, which is a record till date. It is believed that next year this segment can register a growth of 6-8 percent. As the rural economy improves, sales will increase. New products are also not being launched due to chip crisis.

Sales down 21 per cent in January

Domestic sales of two-wheelers in the country declined by 21 percent in January 2022 on a year-on-year basis. This number is based on data released by six major original equipment manufacturers. Retail sales of two-wheelers in January declined to 10.2 lakh units as compared to the previous month. On the same year-on-year basis, it has decreased by 14 percent.

Two wheeler sales at a decade low

According to SIAM data, there is a steady decline in the sales of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. According to SIAM data, a total of 10.12 million units of two-wheelers were sold between April and December in the current financial year. According to a Mint report, between April and December, two-wheeler sales have reached the lowest level in the last decade. Fewer vehicles were sold in 2021 between April-December than in 2020. In 2020, 10.77 million units of two wheelers were sold in the same period.

Data for last ten years

10.12 million units in 2021 (between April-December), 10.77 million units in 2020, 13.91 million units in 2019, 16.53 million units in 2018, 15.09 million units in 2017, 13.49 million units in 2016, 12.26 million units in 2015, 2014 12.12 million units were sold in 2013, 10.94 million units in 2013, 10.38 million units in 2012 and 9.97 million units in 2011. The lowest sales since 2011 have taken place in 2021.

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