Twitter Blue Tick: After the ban, when will you have to pay the money, Musk indicated

Elon Musk banned Twitter Blue Subscription for the time being after a spate of fake accounts surfaced. But now Musk himself has revealed when this service will be started again.

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Since Elon Musk has Twitter Blue Subscription Since then, the atmosphere is hot about the Blue Badge service on the microblogging site Twitter. But it seems that this decision of Elon Musk has backfired, let us tell you that after the recent spate of fake Twitter accounts, the Twitter Blue service was banned for the time being, but now when will this service be again will be started from Elon Musk He himself has disclosed this.

Recently, a Twitter user tagged Elon Musk and asked when Twitter Blue is coming back, while answering the question, Musk said that the service can probably be resumed by the end of next week. .

Twitter Blue Tick was previously reserved for verified accounts of politicians, celebrities, journalists and other bigwigs. But Elon Musk’s blue tick subscription meant that anyone can get a blue tick by paying an amount of $ 8, here anyone means that in such a situation, the fake account holders can also get the blue tick. Let us tell you that what was feared happened and as soon as the matter of getting blue ticks for fake accounts came to the fore, Elon Musk temporarily banned the blue tick subscription.

Elon Musk is facing a huge loss due to the departure of advertisers, in such a situation, Elon Musk is bringing this feature to increase the revenue of Twitter.

Recently, while giving information about this, many users said that Elon Musk’s new subscription model for blue tick verification has disappeared. At the same time, a source told Reuters that this subscription has been removed.

Recently, it was tweeted from the Twitter support account, that to deal with fake accounts, we will add official labels to some accounts. Remind that this feature was introduced by Elon Musk on Wednesday, but after a few hours this official label was removed.

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