Tv9 Exclusive: Me and my mother used to make and sell rotis… Poonam Pandey gets emotional remembering the days of Struggle

Poonam Pandey

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Poonam Pandey is out of ‘Lock Up’. Poonam had to leave her fight midway as the trophy approached in the finale week. Although Poonam is quite happy with her journey.

Alt Balaji’s reality show ‘Lock Up’ (Lock UpPoonam Pandey is out. Although his reality show journey is over, he has won the hearts of millions of fans in this journey. In an exclusive conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh Poonam Pandey ,Poonam Pandey) said that “I could not win the trophy of lock up but after coming out I read the comments of the fans, saw their love and I would like to say that I have won the trophy of their love, I want to celebrate winning this trophy Am. I am happy that now I have come to my house. I am enjoying all the facilities here.”

Poonam Pandey’s mother came to meet her in “lock up”. Talking about this experience, Poonam said that “I did not expect that my mother would come to meet me in the lock-up. I have done so much in my life that I was scared, but when my mother came to meet me in ‘lock up’, I felt very happy. The way she praised me, took my eyes off me, I was completely stunned to see her because she is none other than Poonam Pandey’s mother. I love that he remembers what I have done for my family.”

Poonam gets emotional after remembering her struggle

During this conversation, Poonam also remembered her struggle. He said that “The tasks we did in lock up, I have done many of those things in real life as well. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, it was difficult for me to pay school fees. For months and months I sat on the school floor because of why the fees were not paid. When I was making rotis in lock up, I used to remember that my mother and I used to sell rotis. We used to make and sell rotis in the morning so that we could survive.

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Now Poonam Pandey wants to do good work in future

However, now after ‘Lock Up’, now Poonam wants to do good work. He said that now I have to do good work. I don’t want to upset my fans who have liked me so much. But she did not reveal anything about which projects she is doing. Poonam’s journey is over but Munawwar wants to see either Farooqui or Sayesha Shinde as the winner. The episode of his elimination has not gone on air yet.

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