Triple Talaq Bill Effect: Mother of 6 children lodge FIR against her husband after getting Triple Talaq

The effect of Triple Talaq Bill started : Mother of 6 children lodge FIR against her husband after getting Triple Talaq

Triple talaq have surfaced in Uttar Pradesh. A Muslim woman, the mother of 6 child, alleged that she was thrown out of the house a few days ago with triple talaq. The mother allegedly got triple talaq from her husband for allegedly demanding money from him. The woman complained to the police superintendent about the incident. Police are looking seriously into the incident.

The local woman from Kotwali area said she was married to Sajid in Marut district of Islamabad five years ago. Sajid had a marriage before that and the wife died. The Muslim woman was growing with the previous wife’s child as well as raising her own children. But suddenly Sajid started abusing his wife and gave triple talaq to her. The woman has come to the police for justice. The mother and children are looking to implement what the government and administration are trying to do to bring justice to women. The woman went to the police on Thursday and lodged a complaint. The woman wanted the reason why she was divorced from her home despite being the mother of the child.

Triple talaq passed in the Rajya Sabha two days ago. The Modi government has passed the bill in both houses so that Muslim women get justice. Muslim women have also been happy enough with the Modi government’s initiative. Because many men used to marry two or three and divorced the women after having many children. It would have been easy for the criminals to fall off their shoulders. But now the government has historically passed a bill to give justice to women.

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