Traffic police cut challan due to less petrol in bike, biker shocked, slip posted on Facebook

A man in Kerala has recently been challaned by the traffic police, stating that he was driving his motorcycle without sufficient fuel. The person shared the photo of the challan on social media, which has gone viral.

Challan cut due to less petrol

Image Credit source: Facebook

No one would like his vehicle to be challaned. Therefore, to avoid this action, people carry all the necessary documents with them. But Kerala In the traffic police of a fellow just because invoice He was cut off because his bike was low on petrol. Why were you not surprised? Yes, you read it absolutely right. Man died due to insufficient fuel in the motorcycle Rs 250 challan has been cut. After which the person took a picture of the challan and shared it on Facebook, which was seen on sight. viral It is done.

The man has been identified as Basil Shyam. He was going to work with his bullet at the time of the incident. But for riding a bike in one way, the traffic police cut his challan of Rs 250. Basil Shyam paid the fine, but when he reached the office, he was stunned to see the receipt of the challan. Challan action was taken against him accusing him of driving without sufficient fuel with passengers. After this, Basil Shyam shared his ordeal by sharing a long post on Facebook. He has claimed that his bike was never short of petrol and the tank is almost full all the time.

this is the invoice

According to the caption of the Facebook post, after the photo of the challan went viral, Basil Shyam also received a call from an officer of the Motor Vehicles Department. The officer told them in what cases such action takes place. But it also said that it does not apply to two-wheelers and private vehicles, but only to public transport like buses.

According to the report of Mashable, according to the Kerala Transport Act, if the fuel of a commercial vehicle such as a bus, car, van and auto runs out before taking the passengers to the destination, then the driver or owner has to pay a fine of Rs 250.

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