Toyota’s electric car looks smaller than Tata Nano, know what is the specialty

Toyota’s new C+pod is an environment-friendly two-seater electric vehicle designed as a mobility option. It offers environment-friendly transport to the users.

C+pod Toyota

Toyota has introduced a new electric vehicle which is planning to change the way we look at cars. The new vehicle has been named “C+pod”. It is an ultra-compact battery electric vehicle (BEV). The car is very small which will offer easy mobility and it will also be easy to transport it to the charging stations in indoor settings.

The company is planning to promote the new vehicle for the customers using their personal vehicle in the global market. The new C+pod is an environment-friendly two-seater electric vehicle that has been designed as a mobility option, with the intention of introducing this vehicle but to improve personal energy efficiency. Apart from covering short distances as per day-to-day requirements, the C+pod will serve as an environment-friendly transport option for corporate users visiting customers on a regular basis and for urban or mountain users.

C+pod Engine and Range

Talking about power and other things, the electric car is very modest. It comes with a driving range of 150 km and its engine is powered by a 9.06 kWh lithium-ion battery. A car like Pod can achieve a maximum speed of 60 kmph.

Car is much smaller than Tata Nano

The dimensions of the car can make or break it. In length, it is just 2,490 mm, which is almost half the size of a regular SUV. The width is 1,290mm and it is 1,550mm high. Mahindra’s discontinued mini electric car e2o NXT also had an overall length of 3,280mm. The Tata Nano, which has been popular in terms of affordable range, which has now been discontinued, had a length of 3,164 mm, which is much bigger than Toyota’s C+pod.

Toyota plans to expand its product lineup as it works to create new business models. In Japan, it is initially focusing on the C+Pod, Walking Area BEV, and Toyota i-Road, with over 200 corporate and local government partners involved in the search for new transport models.

The launch of the C+Pod is also aimed at promoting Toyota Green Charge, a combine project developed with Chubu Electric Power. Under the partnership, companies will adopt methods like carbon dioxide free power to build better charging facilities.

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