To silence the child, the father asked Alexa the trick? Got the answer – punch in the throat

In today’s time, Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are present in every home. To whom people talk, they answer questions, but how much you have to obey these machines, it depends on you, but sometimes they also make mistakes. One such case has come to light from England these days.

Alexa gave a surprising answer

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Some time before today, whatever people in the world had never thought about, today all those things have become possible, like there are many things that work for us. quick And with the changing times, many machines have come in such a way that now they are talking to us too. These machines At the top comes the name of Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, which is not only for our question. answer It gives rest to you how much you believe in them. One such anecdote has come to the fore these days as well. People are surprised to know about which.

The case is from Sheffield, England, where a man named Adam Chamberlain shared his Weird Experience with Alexa. The world is shocked to see whose video. Although you must have heard many stories about Alexa’s question and answer, but the story that has come out this time is a little different. In fact, when Adam asked his device how to stop his child’s laughter, on which he got such an answer from Alexa. You will be stunned to hear that.

Alexa’s surprising answer

Actually Adam asked Alexa how to calm her laughing child? To this, Alexa replied saying that she had asked a trick to calm her laughing children. You can punch your child’s throat. This will cause him pain and he will not be able to breathe, due to which he will laugh less. After making a video of this conversation between Adam and Alexa, he uploaded it to Tiktok and after watching this video, people are quite surprised.

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This video has been viewed millions of times on Tiktok and has got thousands of likes. Hearing this answer of Alexa, the child’s father was very much surprised and when this video went viral on the internet, people got very angry and they gave fiercely about it. Many people said that this machine is not a human who will run on data. When this video was seen by an Amazon spokesperson, he said that this reply from Alexa has now been removed. For your information, let us tell you that this is not the first time that such an anecdote has come to the fore regarding Alexa!

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