To get cool air, a person applied such a Desi Jugaad, your head will be stunned by watching the viral video

jugaad viral video

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There is no dearth of such people in our country who from time to time surprise people with their strange jugaad. These days also a similar video of Jugaad is in discussion among the people. After seeing that you will surely be surprised.

India is known for jugaad. Such talents are hidden in the country. Can do whatever. Many people are such great artists that after seeing them, the condition of even good engineers gets spoiled. It is obvious that at some point or the other, you must have done some such juggling, which would have been praised by many people. A similar video these days (jugaad viral video) is in discussion among people, where a cooler has been used to cool the room like Shimla. After seeing which you will also say, ‘There is no such problem on earth, which is not solved in India.’

The summer season has started in India and even the heat is not going to be relieved by the fan. The month of April is going on. The temperature has crossed 40 degrees. In such a situation, the support of the common man is only the cooler, but what if the cooler is one in the house and the air is needed in all the rooms? In such a situation, only jugaad can work. A similar video has surfaced these days as well. In which an attempt has been made to bring air to all the rooms through a cooler.

watch video here

In this clip going viral, you can see that a cooler has been shifted towards a small window by adding several sacks at its mouth, so that instead of going here and there, the air went straight into the room through the sacks through the window. Go. Everyone is surprised to see the strange way to get relief from the heat.

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This amazing jugaad has been shared on Instagram by an account named sombir_nirankari. Till the writing of the news, this video has got 13 million (1.3 crore) views and more than 8 lakh 86 thousand likes. Also, hundreds of users have given their feedback regarding this jugaad. One user has written – This is not really a solution to the problem, it is a sign of lack. Another user has written – Necessity leads you to such invention. Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback on this.

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