Tips for picking an immigration Lawyer

Immigration and the VISA application process are quite complicated, especially for new
travellers. There is a lot of paperwork and details that are pretty hectic. Moreover, any
incomplete information or paperwork will lead to the detention of your VISA or immigration
request. If you do not want to face this difficulty, then you must hire a professional. A
professional will make sure to fill the form and provide necessary details.
But when it comes to picking a lawyer, most people get confused. Do you want to settle in the
The US? Are you looking for an immigration lawyer? Do you want a guide for choosing the best
lawyer? Well, then you are in the right place. A good lawyer can win your case even if it is
complicated. So, it is better to do a little homework before putting the faith of your
immigration request in the hands of an unprofessional lawyer. Our following rules and tips will
help you to find a lawyer.

Get References

Well, everyone knows that they should find a capable and professional lawyer. But how to
make sure that you do not go to thugs and negligent lawyer. We have a rule of thumb for you.
Ask other US immigrants to refer to some lawyers. Find a lawyer that has helped other
foreigners to settle in. Even if you do not know any immigrant, ask US natives to recommend
some lawyers to you. When it comes to pinpointing the poor lawyers and referring good
lawyers, most of the people are useful in this. Moreover, once you have made up your mind to
select a lawyer, ask other people about his reputation and performance.

Don’t Bargain

A professional and competent lawyer does not have time to bargain. They have a straight fee
structure. If you are comfortable with the fee, then go for it. Due to increasing competition
among lawyers, some lawyers offer their services at a low price. But do not say yes to a lawyer
based upon his fee. Try and manage to find a good lawyer at an affordable rate that has a
pretty good track record. Once you succeed, go for him without a second thought.
Finding a good and reliable lawyer is pretty tricky in the United States. Try not to drive him
away in an effort to save a few bucks. A delayed or rejected immigration request will cost you a
lot more than that.

Go for the Members of AILA

AILA, American Immigration Lawyer Association, is a well-known association of America that is
well known for its reliability and best services. This association has over 12000 lawyers, who are
trained regularly. Almost all the lawyers that belong to this association are pretty professional.
If you manage to find a lawyer through a referral that is a member of this firm, then you do not
need to search for any other lawyer.

Moreover, do not go for any lawyer who is not a member of AILA, no matter how strong the
referral is.

Take the Help of Google

In the age of the internet, you will not face much difficulty in finding a lawyer. But you make
use of your web and browser in the best way. Competent and professional lawyers are usually
available on the internet. Moreover, the reviews and complaints of people are also mentioned.
Go for the best-reviewed lawyer that fits your budget. Even if you have to stretch your budget a
few hundred dollars, then do it. It is way better than regret in the future.


Pick a lawyer that has a grasp over the language that you speak. You have to explain your case
to your lawyer and various stages. Communication problem can prove a disaster for your

Get a VISA

Succeeding in getting the US VISA is the first step in the immigration process. Make sure you get
a VISA. Ones who do not have a VISA are not permitted to enter the US. Thus, there will be no
chance for immigration permission. Moreover, try to get at good terms with your lawyer. This
way, he will put extra efforts to help you.

Get Your ESTA

Those people who belong to the countries that are a part of VWP do not need a VISA. Visa
Waiver Program
is an international program for the ease of natives of some specific countries.
The immigration process is pretty simple for those people who belong to such countries. All you
need is an ESTA to visit the US. The good thing about this program is that one doesn’t need to
visit the international Visa Office. One can check ESTA Online, without any difficulty.

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