Three dreaded tigers could not even hunt a bird together, this game of hide-and-seek went on in the water for a long time…watch video

funny video of duck and tiger

Image Credit source: Twitter

Big cats i.e. lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars etc. dominate in the forest, but it is not necessary that every time they get hunted. Sometimes they have to be defeated at the hands of the victim. One such video has surfaced these days.

There is no animal more agile than the tiger, he can put his prey to death in an instant. The biggest animals of the forest are afraid of coming near the tiger. This is the reason why even this hunter’s penetration in the forest is not less than the lion. But it is not necessary that they make every creature their prey. Many times, when the circumstances turn adverse and the weak creatures come face to face with these dreaded animals, then even the innocent animals have to fight fearlessly. Recently, a video related to this has surfaced on social media these days.

Yes, a wonderful video has surfaced on social media from the world of the jungle, in which even three dreaded tigers (4 Tigers) together are unable to hunt a small duck. To make these three ducks prey, the four tigers try hard for a long time, but are unable to succeed. Therefore, the game of hide and seek goes on for a long time between the duck and the four tigers.

watch video here

In the video you can see that three tigers enter the pool after seeing the ducks in the water. Then one by one they try to catch him. But the duck is that they are being dodged. Actually, as soon as a tiger reaches near it, it takes a dip in the water and then comes out to another place. The tiger again goes to him but the duck once again goes into the water and the tiger starts looking for him and the duck again gets out of the hands of the hunters. In the end, the tigers have to give up.

After watching this clip, it is known that nature has made all living beings smart in some way or the other. This video of Tiger and Duck has been uploaded on Instagram account named beauty.wildlifee. Till the time of writing the news, thousands of views have also come on the video. After watching the video, social media users are giving a lot of reaction as usual. One user wrote, ‘Power is not exerted by force but by mind.’ On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘All of them are playing hide-and-seek.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback on this.

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