This Year Indian flag will be hoisted in every village of Kashmir.

This Independence Day Indian flag will be hosted in every panchayat of Kashmir.

On Tuesday, senior BJP leaders held a meeting with the Jammu and Kashmir team. The BJP had this meeting in preparation for the elections. The BJP will campaign for the election, keeping all communities and classes happy. Although there are a large number of hardliners in Kashmir, many state-minded people live in Jammu and Ladakh. For this reason, the BJP has been preparing in such a way to face it. The BJP plans big on August 15. BJP has held a meeting to raise the flag in every village in Kashmir on the eve of Independence Day.

The BJP has directed the appointed workers in the gram panchayat area to raise the flag in every area on August 15. By raising the flag in every village of Kashmir, the BJP has made a big plan to win the hearts of the people over there. The BJP government has also planned how to suppress the hardliners at the Kashmir base by raising the flag. Before the state, an additional 5,000 troops will be deployed.

Recently, Jammu has become the subject of regular discussion for issues related to communal riots. Starting from suppressing terrorism, Kashmir bases rose to the headlines in various issues like Article 35A. Jammu and Kashmir have been asked to deploy an additional 3,000 troops as per the directive of the Home Minister. Social media, on the other hand, claims that the government can remove 35A and Article 370 from Kashmir.

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