This man lied about being fired from Twitter, now Elon Musk hired him

Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk has hired a man who lied about being fired from the company. Be it this, everyone knows that Elon Musk, the new head of Twitter, always chooses a different path.

Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk has hired a man who lied about being fired from the company.

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new owner of twitter Elon Musk hired a person who lied about being fired from the company. Everybody knows that Twitter The new chief Elon Musk always chooses a different path. They don’t do anything that can be predicted in advance. When the first layoffs took place, two people lied about being fired from Twitter. Now one of those people has been hired by Musk. Remind you that within a week of acquiring Twitter, Musk fired about 3500 employees.

Two people falsely claimed to be engineers in the company

Where most of the employees were fired. At the same time, some employees have resigned of their own free will. Many people did not like Musk’s demands.

A new report has claimed that Musk has hired Daniel Francis. He and Rahul Ligma had lied about being removed from Twitter. Both the people claimed to be engineers on Twitter. He lied that he was fired from the company. It was later revealed that he was never part of the company. Where such fake news can cause a lot of anger from the CEO from the company. At the same time, Musk hired one of these people in his company. However, both these people tried to spread fake news about the company. But Francis has now been hired as a Twitter employee.

software developer job

According to reports, Francis is now a part of the company’s internal Slack channel. It has been said in the report that he has now been kept as a software developer in Twitter. These two people started spreading fake news about layoffs on Twitter even before it actually happened. However, Musk was not bothered by this joke.

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A few days ago, Musk called Ligma and Johnson back to Twitter’s headquarters. He also shared a poster of a picture with both of them. Musk wrote that Ligma and Johnson are welcome again. He wrote that if the world makes a mistake, then the army is important to him and I actually fired him from the job, which is one of the biggest mistakes.

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