This is the condition of the debt-ridden Sri Lanka! Protesters wrestled in WWE style on PM’s bed, people were stunned to see the video

Protesters wrestle on Sri Lankan PM’s bed

Image Credit source: Twitter

Sri Lanka Crisis: In addition to occupying the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the protesters in Sri Lanka have also created a ruckus in the Prime Minister’s residence. In viral videos, protesters are seen wrestling in WWE style on the PM’s bed.

A civil war has broken out in Sri Lanka, which is facing a serious economic crisis. The protest against the government has become fierce. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has fled. The pictures and videos that are coming out on social media from the capital Colombo are very disturbing. The rioters have occupied the President’s residence. swimming pool (Swimming Pool) or the kitchen, protesters are camping everywhere. Apart from this, there has also been a lot of uproar in the Prime Minister’s residence. In viral videos, protesters are seen wrestling in WWE style on the Prime Minister’s bed. The protesters are using the facilities there openly.

This video going viral is of the Prime Minister’s residence, where you can see a group of youths wrestling on the bed. WWE commentary is going on in the background, which fits the scene perfectly. You can see that the youths are thrashing each other on the bed, while other protesting youths are cheering them while having fun. Some of these can also be seen making videos and taking selfies. Rarely have you seen protesters in the PM residence of any country making riots and having fun like this. This viral video has made social media users laugh.

See how the youth wrestling on PM’s bed

This video has been shared on micro-blogging site Twitter with the name of @SriLankaTweet, which people are very fond of. However, some people are not convinced that something similar is happening in Sri Lanka.

People were laughing after watching the video

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Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented economic turmoil. The country with a population of 22 million people is passing through the worst phase in seven decades. Sri Lanka is short of foreign exchange, leaving the country unable to pay for essential imports of fuel and other essential commodities.

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