This is the complete VIDEO of Vikas Divyakirti, due to which there is a ruckus, the matter became a ruckus

Another video of Dr. Vikas Divyakirti has surfaced, claiming that the comment he made on Sita Maiya was actually taken from a book. Referring to this, he was telling the children in the class.

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti and screenshot of the book he was referring to in the classroom.

Image Credit source: Twitter/@satyavachane

Vision of IAS Dr. Vikas Divyakirti A new twist has come in the comment about which there is a ruckus on social media. Another video of him of 2 minutes 20 seconds has surfaced amid the demand for #BanDrishtiIAS on Twitter. It is being claimed that he Sita Maiya comment on It was actually taken from a book. Drishti IAS People who came out in support of the founder of K, say that this is a conspiracy to defame him. We are telling you the whole thing he said in the viral clip by writing it verbatim below.

On Twitter, a user with the name @satyavachane wrote, “This article is of Purushottam Agarwal, which Vikas was referring to in Divyakirti’s classroom. Similarly, many Twitter users have also shared the screenshot of that book. In the viral clip, Dr. Vikas Divyakirti is saying, ‘There is a context in the book. I read an article… it was probably Purushottam Agrawal ji’s article. So he has quoted a statement from Sanskrit. Valmiki belongs to Ramayana or some composition close to it. If you want, I will bring it and show it. When Ram won the war with Ravana. Sita was freed. Just like the heroes in the movies run after each other in slow motion, a similar scene is being created. Ram and Sita have finally met after winning such a big war. Not a joke. Then see what the scene becomes.’

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‘My tongue will be cut while speaking’

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti further says, ‘Sita is happy that my Rama has destroyed Ravana. Finally now I will go home. She is coming to Ram. Ram understood that it is getting a little more happy, so Ram felt that if I fix it a bit, he should not be too happy. So Ram said- Wait Sita. Sita stopped. They felt that perhaps they would have to worship. So the sentence that Ram has spoken is a very bad sentence. My tongue will be cut off while I am speaking. Still have to speak. What to do (Students sitting in the classroom start laughing out loud at this). Then Vikas also laughs. Let us tell you that the clip of what Dr. Vikas Divyakirti says next is going viral on social media. Meaning there was a ruckus about the incomplete clip.

The line on which there is a ruckus

In the viral clip, he further says, ‘So such a sentence has been spoken. That sentence is that, O Sita, if you think that I have fought this war for you, then you have a misunderstanding. The war is not fought for you. The war is fought for the honor of your clan and you are talking about it. Just as ghee is no longer edible after being licked by a dog, you are no longer worthy of me.’

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‘It has been said in a book from the mouth of Rama’

Dr. Vikas further says, ‘It has been said from the mouth of Rama in a Sanskrit text. This is not saying Ram. The author is saying. Writers get their mind spoken through the mouth of the characters and the image is formed of the character. His image deteriorates. Tulsidas ji silently rounded up this whole matter. He knew that all this would not work. Feminism is going to be born after three-four years and women of that time will play bands. However, even then such things have been said to women that there is enough reason to play the band. This is where the video ends. This shows that what Dr. Vikas Divyakirti has said is not his. Meaning, the controversy is being forcibly stirred up over the incomplete clip.

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