These are the guidelines of Twitter, after all, why accounts are closed after the order of the government or for violating the rules

About 80 links, including tweets and accounts, have been blocked by Twitter. Twitter took this decision after sending this legal notice to the Government of India. Know what are the reasons due to which accounts are closed.

About 80 links, including tweets and accounts, have been blocked by Twitter. twitter (Twitter) has taken this decision after the order of the Government of India. The Government of India had sent a legal notice against these links and accounts. This notice was sent to Twitter by the Government of India in the year 2021. Four of these accounts are also associated with the Government of Pakistan. While some accounts were associated with the farmers’ movement. These accounts have been closed on the side of Twitter in the weekend at the behest of the Government of India. The accounts that Twitter has blocked have more than 5 lakh followers. The question arises that after all there are reasons due to which Twitter can block someone’s account and what do Twitter’s own guidelines say?

Not only account but link also block

According to reports, Twitter has not only banned accounts but also links to some posts of America’s non-profit Freedom House. The Government of India had sent 24 notices related to these links and accounts to Twitter. Twitter has given information about this ban in its Lumen Database. Which is linked to the Internet Transparency Archive.

What do twitter guidelines say

Twitter has its own guidelines regarding account ban. Twitter has shared some such reasons with users, due to which it has been told why the account can be banned. The first of these reasons is spamming. According to the reasons given in the help section of Twitter, the company bans those accounts which are spamming and pose a security risk to Twitter. Such actions are against the rules of Twitter.

Account Security Risks: If an account is hacked or compromised, the company suspends the account to protect it. This action lasts until that account is secured or restored.

Abusive Tweets or Behaviors: According to the company, a user’s account can be deleted only if there is an allegation of sharing abusive tweets or content against him. This is against the rules of the company. Under this rule, if a user becomes a threat to someone else, then action will be taken against him.

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