There will be noisy holiday during WhatsApp group call, WhatsApp brought three new features

Whatsapp: WhatsApp has brought new features to make group calls more user-friendly.

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WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features every day. After increasing the number of group call members, WhatsApp has brought other new features to make the experience of the users even better. During a group call, users will be able to mute the mic of another member.

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features to the users. Recently, WhatsApp had increased the number of members joining group calls. according to reports WhatsApp Introduced mute feature for group calls. Users can now turn off the mic of another member during a group call. According to the reports, whatsapp The new feature will save you from noise and noise. Apart from this, members who are unable to turn off their mic, with the help of mute feature, host of group call can turn off their mic. Other new features of group calls including Mute can give tough competition to Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

Mic of any member can be turned off

The new feature of WhatsApp can prove to be very useful. During a group call, many users often forget to turn off their mic or for some reason they are not able to turn off their mic. But now the admin or the host of the group call can easily turn off the mic of other members. Such a facility is also available on platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Banner will appear when new member joins

Under the new update, users can add 32 members during a group audio call of WhatsApp, while up to 8 members can be added in a video call. WhatsApp has brought another fun feature for group calls. If a new member joins during an already ongoing group call, WhatsApp will show the new member’s addition information during the group call through a banner.

Can message during group call

Apart from the feature that informs about the addition of new members during mute and group calls, another new feature may be released. Now users will also be able to message each other during WhatsApp group call. For this there will be no need to go to the chat list. During a group call, this feature will do its job well in sharing jokes or important notes etc.

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