There was a fierce fight between the female monkey for glasses, see how they slap each other

When a monkey runs away after snatching someone’s belongings, in most cases people leave it and go away. But this woman did not give up and started giving two hands to the monkey.

Woman and monkey fight for glasses

Image Credit source: Instagram

monkey As much as they are adept at jumping and jumping, they are also known for their rogue tendencies. If things do not go according to them, then they do not hesitate to spoil it. Now just watch this video which is going viral. went to temple lady’s glasses The monkey snatches it. Then what was there. The woman also did not give up and clashed with the monkey for glasses. Whoever saw this video on social media was stunned. Video It can be seen in how both of them even slap each other.

In the video going viral, you can see that there is a big idol of Hanuman ji, where a woman is seen entangled with a monkey. Actually, the monkey had snatched the glasses of the woman. After which both of them fight for glasses and start slapping each other. It can be seen in the video that after a lot of effort, the woman manages to snatch her glasses from the monkey, but for this she has to exert full force. This video is really shocking. However, many have found this video quite funny and they are unable to stop their laughter.

Watch the video of the fight between the woman and the monkey here

Usually, whenever a monkey runs away after snatching someone’s belongings, in most cases people leave it. But here this woman did not give up and then started giving two hands to the monkey. After this, she returned with her glasses only.

This video has been shared on Instagram with an account named sanju_.1290. This video, uploaded on June 3, has been liked by more than 1.27 lakh people, while the video has millions of views. This number is continuously increasing. Apart from this, netizens are also reacting in a funny way on the video.

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