There is a chance to buy cheap gold in Sovereign Gold Bond from Monday, know what are the benefits

Subscription will be open for five days.

A new series of Sovereign Gold Bonds is starting from June 20. This is the first series of the current financial year. The issue price has been kept at Rs 5091 per gram. A separate discount of Rs 50 will be available on buying online and the price will be Rs 5041.

If you are a gold investor (Gold Investors) then you are getting a chance to buy cheap gold. Reserve Bank of India for the financial year 2022-23 sovereign gold bond ,Sovereign Gold Bond) is going to launch the first series. It can be purchased from June 20. There will be an opportunity to invest in it for the next five days. After June, the next installment of SGB will come in the month of August between 22-26th. The issue price for investors has been kept at Rs 5091 per gram. Under this scheme, at least 1 gram of gold has to be purchased. If you shop online, you will get a separate discount of Rs 50 and the price will be Rs 5041 per gram.

Before the subscription, the Reserve Bank announces the rate, which is based on the average price of gold during the previous week from the subscription. Investors get an interest of 2.5 per cent on the bond amount. Along with this, the investor also gets the benefit of the increase in gold prices. The bond is offered for 8 years. However, there is an option to withdraw the investment after 5 years. In the year 2021-22, a total of 27 tonnes of gold equivalent bonds were issued in 10 tranches. Whose total value was about 13 thousand crores.

Gets Fixed Annual Returns

Sovereign Gold Bond (Sovereign Gold Bond) for investmentSovereign Gold Bonds) is considered the best. Investing in this gives a return of 2.5 percent on an annual basis. This gets added to your total income, which is taxed according to the tax bracket. Its maturity is of 8 years. An investor can buy gold bonds up to Rs 4 lakh. There is no tax on capital gains on selling it after 8 years. Long term capital gains tax of 20 per cent is levied if the bonds are sold between 5-8 years. However, the benefit of indexation is available. Short term capital gains tax is levied if sold before 3 years.

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Benefits of investing in gold bonds

  1. Investing in gold bonds is linked to gold prices, so one gets the benefit of rising gold prices. At the same time, an additional interest of 2.5 percent is also available on the bond.
  2. There is a saving in GST or making charges in buying physical gold because only the value of gold is taken in the bond.
  3. The purity of gold is fully guaranteed. The Government of India guarantees that you will get the price of 24 carat gold on maturity.
  4. There is no capital gains tax on the amount received from the bond after 8 years.
  5. There is no fear of theft, you can watch your investment grow with complete confidence.
  6. You can also use Gold Bond to take loan etc. from the bank.

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