The woman was having fun with the buffalo, then after some time she jumped and fell on the other side

Many times people keep harassing others for fun without any reason. In the viral video you can see a buffalo standing comfortably. At the same time, a woman is standing near him and having fun with him. After some time an incident happens with that woman.

funny incident with woman

It is often seen that people are seen harassing others for their own pleasure. There is also a very old saying that ‘no one should be harassed without reason’ because, sometimes its consequences are dangerous. Social media is a platform where there is often a lesson to be learned from every video. Now in this episode video viral happening, in which a woman (Woman) was troubling a buffalo for fun without reason. However, the result (ResultHardly anyone would have thought so. In the video, that woman gets such a slap that everyone is surprised to see.

Now this video is making a big splash on social media and people are chatting fiercely. Often you must have seen all such videos on the Internet. These videos are such that some social media users are surprised to see, and some become laughing and laughing. Now the video we are talking about is also included in this list. If you all do not believe, then you can also watch this video in this news.

The woman who fell on the other side of the jump, watch the video-

In the viral video you can see a buffalo standing comfortably. At the same time, a woman is standing near him and having fun with him. Sometimes she tries to kill the buffalo with her hands, sometimes she puts her feet. The woman was feeling very happy while doing this. After some time the woman tries to sit on the buffalo. But, the buffalo pulls the head back and then see what happens to the woman in the video itself.

We are sure that after watching this video, you must have laughed once in your face. At the same time, learning will also be being received, no one should be disturbed without any reason. People are liking this video so much that they like to watch it again and again, as well as sharing it on other platforms of social media. Let us tell you that this video has been shared on the social media platform Facebook. All of you can watch this video on the page named ‘Nirmala Vaishnav’. More than 70 lakh people have watched the video so far. Whereas, 27 hundred people have given their feedback on the video.

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