The thief wanted to rob money by entering the restaurant, then the staff there made such a condition

There are many videos to be seen on the internet. Often many videos of theft go viral on social media. Now such a video of them theft in the restaurant is going viral, after seeing which you will be surprised.

thief thrashed

You all must know that many videos of theft are seen on social media. There are some such that everyone is surprised to see. Let us tell you that in the earlier times, when there used to be a thief, it was difficult to identify him. But in today’s time CCTV cameras have been installed in shops and homes. Now every move of the thief is captured in the CCTV footage and then it helps in the police action. Now in this episode, a shocking video has surfaced, in which a thief enters the restaurant wearing a helmet and then reaches the cash counter of the shop to loot the money there.

You will hardly have any idea of ​​what happens to the thief in the video. Now its video has been captured in CCTV. We are sure that whoever is watching this video will be very alert and will definitely get CCTV installed in his place. In the beginning of the CCTV footage, it can be seen that a man wearing a helmet goes straight to the cash counter and shows the weapon in his pocket to the cashier present there. After seeing this, the cashier opens his cash box, from which the person who came to loot starts stealing.

Then the staff present in the restaurant further sees all this and they come to know that the person standing at the cash counter is not a customer but a thief. Then one of the men picks up the folding chair and kills the thief with a helmet. Everyone is surprised to see this video, along with people are also sharing their reaction in the comment section of the video. Let us tell you that this video is being seen on other platforms of social media.

With Em, it can be seen further that the restaurant staff starts hitting the chair without stopping. During this, two children standing nearby run away and the rest of the staff reach there. All the staff together caught hold of the thief and started beating him by dropping him on the ground. All the staff showed bravery and captured the thief who came to rob the money. Now this video has become fiercely viral on social media but there is no information yet about where this video is from.

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