The song ‘Kacha Badam’ is making a splash on social media, groundnut seller Bhuban Badaikar has now won the hearts of police officers.

Kacha Badam is being discussed a lot on social media. From common people to celebrities, reels are being made fiercely on Instagram. Singer Bhuban Badaikar, who sells almonds, was felicitated by senior police officers at the state secretariat Nabann.

Photo: Police officers felicitating singer Bhuban Badaikar of Kacha Badam.

Image Credit source: Tv 9

Bhuban Badaikar, a almond seller in a small town in West BengalBhuban Badyakar) Song ‘Kacha Badam’ (Kacha Badam) is being discussed a lot on social media. From common people to celebrities, reels are being made fiercely on Instagram. Bhuban Badaikar has become an overnight star after this song went viral on social media. ‘Kacha Badam’ on all sides (Kacha Badam singerAlong with this, there is a discussion about Bhuban. On Thursday, senior police officers including Bengal Police Director General Manoj Malviya invited Bhaban Badaikar to the state secretariat Nabann. Heard her the song ‘Kacha Badam’ and honored her with a shawl and a bouquet of flowers. Bhuban Badaikar won the hearts of police officers with his song.

Please tell that Bhuban Badaikar is a resident of Kuraljuri village in West Bengal. Bhuban did not even know that he had become an internet sensation by singing ‘Kacha Badam’. He realized this when people from far and wide started coming to meet him. People started sharing videos with Bhuban Badaikar. In this way the popularity of Bhuban started increasing rapidly.

Videos of songs are being made fiercely on social media

Bhuban Badaikar also appeared in a music video recently, but he is sad that till now the money for the agreement has not been given. About this, Bhuban said, ‘I sang a song in the studio, but did not get the money. I had an agreement of 60 or 40 percent with me, but even that money was not received. According to Bhuban, he has been told that he will get the money, but it is not known when. Videos are being made fiercely on the song ‘Kacha Badam’. Various film personalities and models are making videos on the songs and posting them on Instagram.

250-500 was earned from groundnut, this is how he lived

According to media reports, Bhuban told that he used to earn 200 to 250 rupees a day by selling raw almonds, but now since he has become famous, people come to record him and then leave by giving him 500 or 2-3 thousand rupees. Now be it any event or Saraswati Puja pandal, people call Bhuban Badaikar and give him money for singing songs. So this is how Bhuban Badaikar is living. Bhuban told that YouTube people have come and gone by paying him some money, but he has not received even a single rupee for the audio and video he has recorded in the studio.

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