The situation in Delhi is very bad, even the NRC is needed: Manoj Tiwari, BJP leader.

he final list of national citizenship registration has been published in Assam. About 19 Lakh people have been omitted in the final list of the NRC. These individuals can apply again at a foreign tribunal. If there is any dissatisfaction with the name being dropped, he can apply. Meanwhile, Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari made a statement. Manoj Tiwari has said that NRC is also needed in the capital Delhi. There have been allegations that a large number of Bangladeshi, Rohingya radicals have entered Delhi.

Talking to the news agency, Manoj Tiwari, a BJP MP from North-East Delhi, said, “The situation in Delhi is getting worse. Need NRC here too. The illegal intruder living here is very dangerous. We will implement NRC here as well. ‘BJP leader Manoj Tiwari had earlier said the NRC was needed in the capital many times. In a statement issued in May this year, he said, “Delhi people are constantly in the shadow of fear because of attacks by Rohingya intruders. Therefore, the National Citizens Registration (NRC) Act should also be implemented so that people can live in peace.

In the final list of the NRC published by the Assam government, 19 lakh people are not named. That means he was never considered a citizen of India. 3,11,21,004 people are on the NRC final list. The process of making the NRC list started 4 years ago and the government has released this list within the stipulated time. The Supreme Court asked the NRC’s final list to be published by August 31.

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