The reporter asked the child the name of the Prime Minister, you too would be surprised to hear the answer – watch the video

Social media is a platform where a lot of funny videos can be seen. Now in this episode a video of a child has surfaced in which a reporter asks the child the name of the Prime Minister of the country and that child gives a different answer. Watch the viral video here-

Funny video of child going viral

Social media is one such platform where there is a lot of funny videos. often you all kids videos You must have seen a lot and these videos are such that one wants to watch it again and again. Now in this episode, a video of a child has surfaced, seeing which you will burst into laughter. A reporter in the video (Reporter) is asking the child some questions. In this video he asks so many questions which you can hardly guess. In all those questions, the reporter asked the child to the Prime Minister of the country (Prime Minister), to which the child gives a funny answer. Let us tell all of you that people are surprised to hear the answer of this child, along with people are also laughing and laughing.

It can be heard in the video that the reporter asks a lot of questions to the child. In this, this child is seen so confident as if he has enough knowledge of everything. Let us tell you that people are liking this video so much that they are sharing it on other platforms of social media. Let us know what questions the reporter has asked the child. First of all, the reporter asked the children – Tell me which subject you like. On this the child said – brinjal, after which the people present there started laughing a lot.

Funny video of the child going viral-

Then it can be heard further in the video that the reporter asked the child if he remembers any poem in English, to which the child also gave a funny answer. Then the reporter asked the child – I feel like writing studies. The child said- yes it seems. Then after hearing this answer, the reporter questioned the child and said- What is the name of the Prime Minister of the country? On this the child said- Nitish Kumar. Then after a few moments the child changed the name and said – Lalu Yadav. Then in the end, the answer to that child was told by the children present there that the Prime Minister of the country is Narendra Modi.

Let us tell you that this video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter account. You can see all the videos on the page of IPS Rupin Sharma. People are liking this video very much, together people are sharing their reaction through their likes and comments. One user commented and wrote – Shame on those teachers who are taking thousands of rupees a month and are not able to teach this to the children. Another user wrote – The children of Bihar are in great need of education. Let us tell you that after watching this video, social media users are not able to control their laughter.

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