The passenger in the train gave 70 rupees for a tea cup, the photo of the bill went viral

Indian Railways is considered to be a cheap mode of transport. (Representational Image)

Indian Railways is considered to be a cheap mode of transport. But now a case has come to the fore, in which Rs 70 has been taken from a traveler for a cup of tea worth Rs 20.

Indian Railways (Indian Railways) It is considered as a cheap mode of transport. But now a case has come to the fore, in which a traveler (Railway Passengers) 70 rupees have been charged for a cup of tea worth 20 rupees. A person named Balgovind Verma Twitter (Twitter) But the photo of the bill has been shared. He started the Bhopal Shatabdi Express running between Delhi and Bhopal. (Shatabdi Express) But while traveling, had ordered tea. The bill mentions that the cost of a cup of tea was Rs 20. But in addition to this, Rs 50 was charged from Verma as service fee, due to which the cost of just one piece of work reached Rs 70.

The traveler tweeted the bill

Sharing the photo of the bill, he wrote on his Twitter handle that Rs 50 tax on tea of ​​Rs 20. The economics of my country has really changed. So far, only history B had changed.

Twitter users soon told him that Rs 50 is not a tax. Rather there is a service charge. However, the passenger may be surprised by the service charge. But, in a circular issued by the Indian Railways in the year 2018, it has been said that if the passenger does not book the food while making the reservation in the express, then he will have to pay a service charge of Rs 50 while booking the food during the journey. .

The cost of food was included in the ticket charge.

Earlier, the cost of meals was included in the ticket charge on trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani. However, after this, passengers were given the option to book separate meals for their journey.

The circular states that if a passenger who had not opted for the catering service at the time of booking the ticket and decided to buy food while traveling in the train, then he would have to pay an additional amount of Rs 50 per mile. This will be in addition to the notified catering charges for the meals and will be charged by the on board supervisor of IRCTC.

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Apart from this, let us tell you that the facility of traveling with unreserved tickets in more than 300 trains of Western Railway is being restored from July 1, 2022. Western Railway will reinstate second class coaches in unreserved form in all trains starting from here from July 1.

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