The number of air passengers decreased in July, flight service declined due to rain

According to DGCA data, the number of passengers of Vistara airline stood at 10.13 lakh in the month of July. While the number of passengers of Air India was 8.14 lakh in July. Due to the rain, the number of passengers of all airline companies has decreased.

Number of air passengers decreased in July (indicative picture)

In the month of July, more than 97 lakh passengers traveled through domestic flights. This is 7.6 percent less than the number of 10.5 million passengers in June. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) gave this information on Thursday. DGCA said in a statement that during January to July this year, a total of 6.69 crore people traveled by domestic flights. usually in rainy season Air travel decreases in. The same thing happened this time too. The month of July has been seen to be the most affected as heavy rains were witnessed in many areas of the country in this month. The service was affected due to bad weather and people also want to avoid air travel in this season. After heavy rains in many states, flood situation has arisen, whose effect is seen on the traffic service.

The number of passengers of the country’s largest airline IndiGo stood at 57.11 lakh in July. The company’s share in the domestic market stood at 58.8 percent. According to DGCA data, the number of passengers of Vistara airline stood at 10.13 lakh in the month of July. While the number of passengers of Air India was 8.14 lakh in July. GoFirst, SpiceJet, Air Asia India and Alliance Air served 7.95 lakh, 7.76 lakh, 4.42 lakh, 1.12 lakh passengers respectively.

effect of monsoon on air services

Capacity utilization (load factor) against seats in aircraft in SpiceJet stood at 84.7 percent in the month of July. Apart from this, capacity utilization in aircraft of Vistara, Indigo, GoFirst, Air Asia India and Air India stood at 84.3 per cent, 77.7 per cent, 76.5 per cent, 75.2 per cent and 71.1 per cent respectively. Rainy season and Monsoon season are not considered suitable for aviation sector as the number of passengers decreases during such season. The load factor is also known as occupancy rate or capacity utilization in flight service.

Corona also ruined business

In the last two years, due to the Corona epidemic, flight service has been badly affected. Lockdown in Corona and restrictions on air travel affected this sector a lot. Due to the Corona epidemic, air services in all the countries of the world including India came to a standstill. Now air flights have been completely opened and there is no restriction of any kind. However, the DGCA made it clear in a directive issued on Wednesday that it would be necessary for passengers to wear masks while traveling in the aircraft. All protocols related to Corona will have to be followed, otherwise a fine will be imposed.

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This airline company was at the right time

As far as flying the flight on time is concerned, the DGCA data shows that Air Asia India’s name is first in this matter. The best on-time performance of this airline company is 95.5%. Flights flying from the country’s four metro airports Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai flew on time up to 95.5 percent. In terms of flight on time, Vistara stood second and Go First on the third. The on-time performance of Vistaar was 89 percent while the on-time performance of Go First was seen at 84.1 percent. This shows which airline’s plane flies on its scheduled time. It is considered good for passenger service.

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