The number 11 batsman took 94 minutes to open the account, faced 66 balls and then scored the first run.

This player’s account opened after playing 66 balls and waiting for 94 minutes

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He came out to bat at number 11 and deposited such a wicket that he was not out. He was not out, that is fine but did not score as much as the time he stayed at the crease.

How many balls would you like to play to score a run? For how many minutes would you like to bat? Whatever your answer may be, but one thing is for sure that neither will wait for that first run till 66 balls nor will you bore yourself and the spectators for 94 minutes. But, England (England) One of the cricketers did this. He came out to bat at number 11 and deposited such a wicket that he was not out. Not getting out is fine, but for the time he stayed at the crease, at least he should have scored that worth. Although, T20 cricket (T20 Cricket) In the era of cricket, if we look at it from the perspective of long format, then it was his amazing innings. Actually, that’s cricket (cricket) In which the batsman’s restraint is tested.

We are talking about the match between Surrey and Warwickshire played in the English County Championship. In this match, the number 11 batsman who took 94 minutes to open the account was from Warwickshire. This match ended in a draw. But even after two teammates of his team scored a century, he managed to make headlines. That is his miracle.

134 minutes of batting, opened the account in the 94th minute

Warwickshire number 11 batsman Oliver Hannon Dalby batted for a full 134 minutes against Surrey. During this he played 89 balls and scored 11 not out. But, he started this short script of 11 runs after playing 66 balls of his innings. It started when 94 minutes out of 134 minutes had been spent at the crease. That is, whatever runs he scored in 23 balls played in the last 30 minutes of his innings.

headlines between two centuries

Against Surrey, two Warwickshire batsmen Matthew Lamb and wicket-keeper batsman Michael Burgess scored centuries. But no one got the headlines like Oliver Hannon Dalby, the left-handed batsman playing at number 11. Rather, he made the celebration of his century his own.

Warwickshire’s match against Surrey ended in a draw. Now this team has to play its next match in the County Championship against Essex on 21 April.

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